If you are a beauty professional who dreams of having the freedom to be your own boss, set your own prices and hours, as well as have the privacy or your own suite, Studios West offers an attractive alternative to a typical Knoxville hair salon and spa setting.

Studios West features beautiful state of the art interiors with attention to design and all of the details that will help you practice your profession in an atmosphere that allows for creativity and independence. Enjoy the benefits of a modern, affordable space without the time consuming hassle of facility management or the initial investment and complexities of operating a salon business. Our setting allows you to focus on your individual business and take care of your clients in a private, exclusive setting with all of the amenities needed for success.

Whether you are a hair stylist, colorist, nail technician, esthetician, barber, or other beauty professional in the Knoxville or Farragut area, Studios West provides and excellent option. Please contact us for more information: Call 865-705-2182 or email us at alisonwhitehouse@rocketmail.com

Profit Calculator – Increase Your Salon Profits
Enter your estimated monthly gross sales below and we’ll show you how renting a
suite at Studios West increases your profits when compared to working in a traditional salon.

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 Renting a Salon Suite

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Product Sales: $ Product Sales: $
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